Friday, March 25, 2011

The Lightning Thief Chapter 10

1. Who is Argus and why can he never be surprised?
(He is the Half-Blood head security. He has eyes all over him.

2. What gift does Luke give to Percy? Why can’t Percy use them?
(He had given him flying shoes. He couldn't wear them because Zeus takes over the sky.)

3. What special properties does Riptide have?
(It is a celestial bronze, can not kill mortals, double-edged blade, a leather whip grip, and gold studs.

4. What is Mist?
(Is a substance that mortals see so monsters won't be seen very well but some half-bloods can see through the mist.)

5. What are some of the reasons Annabeth gives for why Poseidon and Athena don’t get along?
Athena found Poseidon and his girlfriend in her temple (Which is disrespectful).)

6. According to Grover, why did Percy’s mom marry Gabe?
Gabe had a horrible sent on him and t smelled terrible and that smeel that he had on him kept the mosters away to where they couldn't smell Percy's sent.)

7. Percy says he’s not going on the quest to retrieve the lightning bolt. What’s his real reason for going?
(He is doing it because he thinks his mom is in the underworld.)

8. How does Percy sneak to the front of the bus?
(He outs on Annabeth's invisible cap and made his way to the front.)

9. Why doesn’t Percy leave the bus when he has the chance?
(He does not want to leave his friends behind.)

10. How do Percy, Grover and Annabeth lose their luggage?
(The bus exploded into flames.)

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